About Secret Agent D

The first series of collections in the history of NFT that are interconnected! Series 1 – Agent D – 10,000 unique ERC-721 standard NFTs on the Ethereum network. Secret Agent D arrived at Blockchain in search of his partner, who disappeared under unknown circumstances. Agent D on its way constantly changes its appearance so that he is not declassified by other residents of the Blockchain. It will be difficult for you to recognize him when he is on assignment. Agent D doesn’t have much time left to find his partner. Every minute counts. If he fails to declassify the criminals, his partner may die. Ahead, Agent D has to figure out the malicious criminals and find his partner! In his Secret Room, he keeps….


Each Agent is unique and programmatically generated from over 170 possible traits, including facial expressions, hats, clothing, and more. Some are less common than others.

Agents are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain and hosted on IPFS. The purchase of an Agent costs 0.045-0.06 ETH.
To access member-only sections such as SECRET ROOM, app owners need to verify their Metamask wallet on our server in Discord.

Considering the wishes of the Community, NFT reveals right after mint so you can see your Agent and its rarity immediately after purchase.

In total, we return 40% of royalties. We return 20% of royalties to the community wallet and another 20% goes to the owners of the Agents (15% is divided between the VIP AGENTS, and 5% is raffled among GOLD AGENTS).

All Agent holders will be able to mint FREE NFT (+ gas fee) from the Secret Room Series.

Note: 150 Agents are not involved in the sale. They will be used for giveaways, puzzle rewards, and ADSR creator memberships.


When you buy a Secret Agent, you are not just buying an avatar or a piece of art. You get membership room access, the benefits and offers of which will grow over time. Your Secret Agent can serve as your digital identity and open digital doors for you.

Owning a unique Agent that gives access to the Secret Room.Fair distribution of prices. Agents will cost 0.045-0.06 ETH. And only 2.5% of royalties.Participants decide the fate of the project, development, the roadmap.Access to the Secret Room and receive a secret mission.
40% of royalties are returned to the Community.


Here are some useful tools that we will use as an Agent D’s Secret Room Community. Please note that these will be informal. Each definition of the overall value or rarity of an Agent is inherently subjective.

Updated Roadmap

◉ Launch of the first Agent D’s Secret Room collection.

 Stage 1
Project update. Distribution to the early community 5 Agents for 0 ETH (+ gas). The early community gets the roles of VIP Agents and Gold Agents.

Stage 2
Free Mint of Agents (0 ETH + gas) for everyone is opening! New roles provide an opportunity to receive 15% of royalties for VIP Agents and 5% for Gold Agents.

Stage 3
Opening of the Secret Room. Access to participate in voting and project development for VIP Agents and Gold Agents. Opening a mission to get the roles of VIP and Gold Agents.

Stage 4
Launch of the free collection of Agent Partner for all Agent holders. Public launch of the new collection.

Stage 5
Community Wallet Launch. Contributions to the wallet.

List on Rarity.Tools and nftexp.io
Further: it is up to you to decide what will happen next! We have a plan, but you influence it more than anyone else!

What is Agent D’s Secret Room?

“Agent D’s Secret Room” is a unique collection of NFT ERC-721 from the Secret Room series, created on the Blockchain. 10,000 unique Agents were designed and converted to NFT. You can save, exchange and store these NFTs in your Ethereum wallet. Possession of one of these Agents counts as membership in the Secret Room. With this membership, you get access to member-only content, can participate in the development of the next episodes of the Secret Room collection and make a profit.

How can I get an ADSR Agent?

All 10,000 ADSR will be released to the OpenSea NFT marketplace and can be purchased through this marketplace (sale starting 09/10/2021). To buy a secret NFT, you will need: an OpenSea compatible Ethereum wallet (we recommend MetaMask). 0.06 ETH for 1 piece (0.25 for 5 pcs, 0.45 for 10 pcs) in your wallet plus a little extra ETH to fund transaction costs (gas), typically between $ 20 and $ 50, depending on network congestion. Visit Ethereum Gas Tracker for current gas prices. To purchase an Agent: visit our Secret Academy collection on OpenSea, select 1, 5 or 10 Agents, click the Buy Now button in Opensea and follow the instructions in MetaMask. After the transaction, the students of the Secret Academy are released and transferred to Agent D’s Secret Room collection.

How do I access the Secret Room?

Each owner of the Agent will have access to the Secret Room. Access gives the opportunity to participate in secret meetings, secret operations, as well as bonuses known to all standard NFT: contests, raffles, quests, etc.

What is the owner hierarchy?

Depending on the number of Agents, the owners are divided into:
SECRET AGENTS – 1-9 Agents.
SECRET OFFICE – 10-24 Agents.
SECRET BOARD – 25+ Agents.
The more Agents a collector has, the greater his influence on the project. We have several options for further development, but the final choice will be for the investors. SECRET BOARD has the greatest influence on the result. SECRET BOARD will also receive bonuses from all subsequent collections of the Secret Room project.
All Agent owners get access to presales, bonuses, discounts, gifts, raffles.

How to earn income by owning Agents?

VIP AGENTS receives 15% of royalties. It is divided evenly among all participants and does not depend on the number of Agents in the wallet. To obtain the VIP AGENTS status, you must have 25 or more Agents in one wallet and be verified in Discord.
The GOLD AGENTS have a chance to win 5% of royalties in regular deductions.


Creative Agent

Hides many more secrets in her imagination
Encryption Master

Looking for her partner with code name Hedgehog
VR Agent

Using the Virtual World to his advantage in the search of his nemesis
Grotto Agent

Undercover discord Agent and Dogs fan